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It’s Our Little Story is a non-profit organization whose mission is to educate and empower abused, neglected, and at-risk youth, by providing them with the tools and resources to; develop necessary life skills, reach their full potential into adulthood, and break the cycle of abuse.

“Society must remember that children are the future.  All children.  We must invest in all of them, not just our own children.  We must show them how much they are needed and loved.  We must show all children humility & compassion, give them dignity, foster them with love & patience, educate & empower them, so in turn they can break the cycle of abuse or neglect they may have endured and perpetuate a cycle of love & acceptance to others.” 


-Maebelle Obispo, CEO



We are committed to breaking the cycle of abuse. 

We are committed to guiding those who have lost their voice to find it again.

We are committed to helping those who feel broken to feel whole again.

We are committed to fighting for stronger prevention & spreading awareness.


My name is Maebelle Obispo

I am passionate about empowering our youth as well as teaching women about strength through kickboxing and jiu jitsu as a certified instructor. I wanted to help kids like me (in the system) change the narrative of their lives

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Our Team.

Our board is made up of 4 passionate volunteers with their own unique perspective on ways to help children thrive in life.  Though we are a small group, we bring dedication, support, and enrichment to the local community so each child we serve has the tools to be successful.

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